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Matt Hsu

Selected Prose

Roanoke Review: The Parable of Gold Luck Bakery – High School Writing Contest Winner
(mac)ro(mic): Relics of the Motherland
Neuro Logical: On Christmas Day
Levatio: Recipes from Ama (Originally published in Kalopsia Lit)
The Incandescent Review: Yellow is Not a Flattering Color – Art & Writing Contest Finalist
F3LL Magazine: Ten Reasons Why Cherry Jolly Ranchers Don’t Deserve the Hate
Polyphony Lit: Countdown in the Sky
Blue Marble Review: Bottle Baby – Nominated for the Pushcart Prize
ANGLES: Love Aflame
Olney Magazine: Customer Service (Forthcoming)
The Lumiere Review: Writing Myanmar (Forthcoming) – Writing Contest Finalist

Selected Poetry

Roanoke Review: Bleeding Bone High School Writing Contest Honorable Mention
The Minison Project: A Sonnet for My Most Beloved
Cerasus Magazine: Rice Milk Romance (Expires December 1974)
Celestite Poetry: The Coffee Shop is a Liar
Sine Theta Magazine: Selling Sleep
Society of Classical Poets: Starbucks Villanelle – High School Poetry Contest 3rd Place
Fifth Wheel Press: bottom of the ocean
Fifth Wheel Press: Purgatory
Polyphony Lit: Riverside Reverie – Fall Poetry Contest Runner-Up
Stone of Madness Press: Left on Read
Kissing Dynamite Poetry: 美国
Paddler Press: Ma, Will You Fetch Me the Sun?
Versification Zine: Hate Crime
Movable Type: Fissureman – 1455 Teen Poetry Contest Finalist
The Apprentice Writer: fallen angel (Originally published in Galliard International Review)
All Guts No Glory: Starting Route to Dunkin’ Donuts (Forthcoming)
The B’K: goddess in retrospect (Forthcoming)
BS Lit: cup[cak]k[e] (Forthcoming)
Agapanthus Collective: The People Want the Fall of the Regime (Forthcoming)
Misery Tourism: Chicken Fried Fear (Forthcoming)

Selected Essays/Reviews

Gadfly Magazine: breadfalling.gif
The Stanford Daily: Top Ten Black Mirror Episodes


Roanoke Review High School Writing Contest, Fiction Category: 1st Place (2022)
Roanoke Review High School Writing Contest, Poetry Category: Honorable Mention (2022)
Mayday Magazine March Madness Flash Fiction Contest: Finalist (2022)
Lumiere Review Annual Writing Contest: Prose Finalist (2022)
Ringling College of Art and Design Storytellers of Tomorrow Writing Contest, Literary Stories Category: 2nd Place
Society of Classical Poets High School Poetry Contest: 3rd Place (2022)
Scholastic Art and Writing: 1 Gold Medal, 1 Silver Medal (2022)
Scholastic Art and Writing: American Voices Nominee (2022)
Scholastic Art and Writing: 5 Gold Keys, 6 Silver Keys, 7 Honorable Mentions (2021-2022)
Incandescent Review Art & Writing Contest: Prose Finalist (2022)
Columbia University Gadfly Essay Contest: Winner (2021)
Blue Marble Review Pushcart Prize Nominee (2021)
1455 Teen Poetry Contest: Finalist (2021)
Polyphony Lit Fall Poetry Contest: Runner Up (2021)
9th Circuit Civics Essay Contest: District Winner/National Finalist (2020)

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